Search Engine Optimization can Increase Web Traffic

Seo marketing

You have probably been bombarded for every which way about the importance of search engine optimization. You are probably ready to jump feet first into an SEO marketing or Internet marketing program, but you may be confused by what the process actually entails and whether it will really help your website page rankings.

You may be interested to know that the “PageRank” algorithm used to create those search listing rankings is actually named for Larry Page, one of the co founders of Google.

High search engine results are very important to harness the 92% of online adults in the United States who perform at least one search per day. You want to make sure that people who are search for our company or products see you on the first page of results. Most people using search engines will not go past the first page of results, so if you do not appear on that page, you could be losing potential business.

In addition, people prefer organic results to paid listings and links. In fact, organic click throughs generate 25% higher conversion rates that the equivalent pay per click listings. SEO tools and other search processes can help you generate those organic listings that are preferred by the majority of people.

Another aspect of search engine optimization is ensuring that your website is optimized for use by mobile computing devices. It is estimated that by 2014, use of smart phones and tablets will overtake the use of desktop computers as methods to connect to the Internet. As of 2012, more than 70 million users used their mobile devices to shop online. If your site is not easily accessible and navigated by these device users, you are potentially losing business.

As part of your SEO marketing
process, you should also be prepared to have a strong social media presence. This is an additional method to get your marketing message out to potential new clients and customers. You will also want to create a strong email marketing campaign.

When you are ready to see increased traffic, contact any number of search professionals or companies. These companies have all of the search reporting and search engine optimization techniques that can help you experience increased visitor numbers at your site.