An Interview with Keroy King of SEO Biz Group

For three years, SEO Biz Group, a business consulting firm specializing in online marketing, has been providing its services to companies in the Northridge, CA area and beyond. We sat down with Keyroy King, the consultant specializing in online marketing who is behind it all.

Mr. King, what inspired you to open your own business?

I wanted to have better control of my time, and I wanted to better advance the futures of both myself and the clients who I help.

Have you found so far that clients have been receptive to your services?

Yes. My best days are the ones when a client reaches a goal and is amazed at the growth that resulted from only a few changes.

That’s great to hear! What kind of business growth are you anticipating from that success?

I’m hoping to see next year’s projects triple. In five years, we should be performing all of our work in-house, and in 10 years we should be a mature, self-sustaining firm.

I’m sure your employees will play a major role in that growth. How do you make sure you’re hiring the right people?

I only hire people smarter than me! Because of that, I’m always open to hearing suggestions. That’s what has led to the explosive growth of my business.

SEO Biz Group is located in Northridge, CA at 9250 Reseda Boulevard, $184. Learn more about the company by visiting or calling (818)644-3128.


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