Common Design Mistakes You Can Avoid With A Custom Made Website

Your company’s website is one of the most important tools it has. Not only is your website central in your digital marketing efforts, but it is also the representative of your company in the online world. And when you have an effective custom made website that you update and maintain properly, it will can last for six to seven years without needing a rebuild.


All of these efforts can be undermined by a poorly designed website. Learn the common design mistakes you can dodge by having a custom made website and you’ll be calling up experienced custom web designers before you know it.


Lack of Open Space


Less is always more, especially when it comes to web design. When people make their own websites, they often think that they need an abundance of flashy elements in order to display their creativity and keep visitors on the page. However, a busy website design often has the opposite effect. It can easily overwhelm users and drive them away from your site.


Instead, websites tend to succeed when they have open space. Custom web design services know that open space — also referred to as white space or negative space — adds definition and spacing for a website’s elements while providing a rest for readers’ eyes. Visitors will ultimately be more able to spot the icons, buttons, and calls to action that you want them to see.


No Indication of Who You Are


It only takes users about half of a single second after your page loads to form an opinion about your company. You need to ensure that your website utilizes that small amount of time wisely. As soon as a visitor can see your page, they should know who your company is and what you do. This means that your company’s services and products should be in clear view. A major mistake in web design is hiding these elements in a menu or sidebar. You should also have confidence builders such as awards, testimonials, and industry affiliates in a place that is easy for visitors to spot right away.


It Isn’t Mobile Friendly


Professional firms that provide custom made websites understand why you need a mobile friendly website. They know that Google and other search engines rank results based on a website’s mobile friendliness and that without this important element your site will be at the bottom of the results page. Users also care about mobile friendliness. About 50% of people say that will use a business less frequently if their website isn’t mobile friendly, even if they like the company in general.


Without the proper industry knowledge and experience, it is all too easy to make these web design mistakes. Turn to the professionals at our agency to get your website design right the first time by contacting us today.