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ar. Farmers are among the most crucial parts of our dayto-day life, in that they grow the crops as well as the food that keeps our food system running smoothly. From the outside, it might seem to be a straightforward occupation. Farmers use a plethora of different tools to do their work and typically require years of experience for running their own farms. The most popular farm equipment include tractor. While tractors range in size and strength, all are immensely helpful for farm work. In this video we’ll take an in-depth an in-depth look at some of strongest tractors in the world, and show what they’re capable of.

While tractors that weigh more than 20 tons aren’t common in the market but they possess the best power when towing large weights. Its Deutz Fahr 9340 can go as fast as 37 miles an hour, and is a high-tech tractor. This model Claas Xerion 5000 boasts an engine of 509 horsepower. It offers a spacious cabin with a touch screen. The T9700 from New Holland is fitted with a 306-gallon fuel tankand cozy cabin that can be made use of for work that lasts for a long time.