Whats the Best Jarritos Flavor Ever? – How Old Is the Internet

D, refreshing flavours. The tangy drinks, which include mandarin orange and the tamarind are delightful, refreshing drinks to take advantage of on hot, sunny days. If you’re looking to enjoy an icy, sweet and refreshing sipable drink this summer, be sure to try the delicious Jarritos. Although Jarritos distributors distribute these drinks with consumers across the globe, certain regions have a reputation for drinking more of one specific flavor. With so many delicious flavors to choose from and a wide range of flavors to choose from, the Mexican soda has earned a name that’s recognizable worldwide. Which better way to find the most popular Jarritos flavors than to let Mexican mothers make it happen? You can see the video!

This little experiment clearly shows that mango and tamarind tastes have the upper hand. Pineapple is in the top 5, due for its sweet, sugary taste. It’s possible that the drinks were served on ice, or chilled, as suggested by both of the testers. In general, Jarritos have a tendency to be quite acidic for these two drinks however the mango and mandarin mango flavor were excellent!