What to Look For In Sitter Services For the Elderly – InClue

They may feel lonely if they don’t have any friends or family member who can help them. In cases like these and more, the sitter service is the ideal solution for getting them the company and care they need.

An adult working with an elderly care program in the capacity of a caring professional can be referred to as an elderly sitter. The program matches “sitters” to elderly and disabled individuals, so that they can spend time with them.

Care partners for senior citizens work differently to personal caregivers. A care assistant, as opposed to an individual caregiver (PCA) cannot be legally authorized to prescribe medications or carry out any other tasks related to medical care to seniors. Care companions’ duties are the same as a babysitter for a child. They provide companionship for someone that doesn’t have a family member to care for their needs.

These programs allow seniors and caretakers to stay in their home and retain their dignity.