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At times, it is necessary to hire a lawyer who is experienced.

Prepare some questions for your lawyer. These include Do I have the right to apply for divorce without the spouse’s knowledge? Sometime, your partner may refuse to cooperate and you must know the best way to file the claim. Another crucial question to be asking is: can I seek legal divorce without the assistance of a lawyer? Although technically you could accomplish this, it’s impossible to file for legal separation without hiring a lawyer. The best option is to find an experienced lawyer as they can speed up the process.

Many people ask: is it possible to get married even if the divorce you have filed isn’t conclusive? It’s usually not possible which is why an attorney when it comes to these situations. If your spouse filed to divorce you without your knowledge the divorce is imminent, it’s a good idea to consider asking: Can you refuse to divorce? This can be a very complicated issue, and will typically be settled through court or through mediation. In the event that you’re aware of the procedure and understand all your options, divorce does not have to be to be a hassle.

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