What Is the California Lemon Law? – Car Talk Podcast

G sold an “lemon” This means a car that isn’t working the way it should. The lemon law in California protects consumers from these types of vehicles. The law applies to new and used automobiles, bought cars lease cars, purchased vehicles, etc. The lemon law applies to all cars. Additionally, it applies to devices, small planes and boats.

The dealership has to be able to fix a vehicle that is defective within the period specified. It could be a violation for your car and to you if the dealer has deceived you. the dealership. You can take the lemon law claim to the courts. The seller may replace all of the vehicle, or could buy it back. It is also possible to settle the matter.

The public must be aware of lemon laws to ensure they do not waste money for a car which doesn’t work. This is also good for the safety of. The Lemon Law can help when a vehicle is not safe to be used.