What Differentiates A Family Garage Door Repair Business – Ceve Marketing

“Lop relationships, not just a contract”. They are words that summarize all. The family owned the garage door repair company. Door Tech aims to provide the highest quality garage door service and products to homeowners with a the need of.

Door Tech owes its success to several factors, one of them which is Boy Scouts of America. Dru is the oldest son of the family and credits the Boy Scouts for his skills as a leader as well as the values he holds. He earned an Eagle Scout rank. Family members from other generations were also involved in the Scout movements in their time which enabled them to manage the company without a rift. Dru was selling popcorn to the original owner of the business as a youngster. Dru was hired immediately after his graduation from college and was in need of to find a job.

Door Tech also has the highly regarded BBB accreditation. This is given to businesses that show integrity and respect. It is crucial in the repair of garage doors because clients must trust you enough that they permit you access to their houses. It is a great pleasure being with his children as they work together to ensure that they meet all the demands of each family with an open garage. vztwcx1bhx.