How Fire Hydrants Operate – Boston Equator

Each day, ydrants appear everywhere. They are everywhere and they’re extremely useful. They’re an essential component of fire safety. But how do these invaluable items work? This video will outline the fundamentals of fire water hydrants.

They are attached to the main potable water line, just like the kitchen sinks that you use in your home. Hydrants are valves, they don’t alter the pressure of water that comes out. This is why firefighters use the hose.

in the US there are two types of fire Hydrants. Wet barrel hydrants are utilized in areas that don’t generally dip below freezing. Water is pumped into the tank so that there is always water. The valve that releases the water sits above ground. These valves are simple to use, less expensive and easy to place into.

For areas that have low temperatures, dry barrel hydrants can be used. For the tank to be filled by water, the valve needs to be placed below the frostline.

For additional information about fire hydrantsand their functions, take a look at this video above.