Everything You Should Know About Different Types of Skid Pallets – Write Brave

Skid pallets are used for a myriad of reasons across different industries. It is important to understand the best way to get the perfect one. This YouTube video “Pallet Education types, differences, and Grading” provides all the details you need to buy the right kind for your home, workplace, or other. Let’s learn more.

Each pallet is made of various materials, however the majority contain recycled materials. They are not all the similar and one must be familiar with all types. In the industry, they will all have identical dimensions, 48 ” by 40″. Pallets with skids may be classified into grade 1 or grade 2 according to their intended usage.

Skid pallets are manufactured from hardwood or softwood, and the different headings are due to the condition of the pallet, or if it was damaged by a stringer repair. In the case of grade 1 pallets there are ones with several good stringers and if there are any damaged boards, they are replaced with higher-quality recycled boards. In addition, they could have the top deck of seven to nine boards.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about finding the best skid pallet.