7 Tips You Should Know if You Own a Well – EDUCATION WEBSITE

It will mean less hassles in dealing with the system for your well when you apply these guidelines. The first step is using a pencil to keep track of the information. It should include the model number of the pump, along with the date of its installation and the level. This information can be saved inside your control box so that it is easy to access for future reference. Use an amp meter to determine the amps when the water pressure tanks are being filled. Record your findings. It is possible to use the information to figure out if there’s any change or increase in amperage. This will aid in diagnosing the issue. Once a year, or at the very least make sure you check the level of pressure inside the tank. Be aware that the most effective settings to keep your tank at is two or three psi lower than the point at which pressure is cut.

When your technician is in during regular visits, you should take the time to ask questions, and stay active in understanding how the elements of the system operate. Knowing this will allow you to cut costs on repairs as well as allow you to hold technicians responsible. Finally, equip yourself with the water testing kit to find out what is in your water. You should test it at least once per year. 2cnfvvonms.