Trendy Garden Tips for 2022 – Great Conversation Starters

The time is almost here! The perfect opportunity to get started on planning your gorgeous flower gardens as well as flowers for the summer. Do not limit yourself to the layout ideas you’ve already got as you plan your flower bed dreams. Watch this short video for lots of fresh gardening advice you can take advantage of this spring!

The obscure seems to be being incorporated into the gardening trend this season. Plant rare or obscure species. Try your luck and opt in search of a sapling isn’t something you’ve ever seen before, but would bring life to your yard! These heirloom plants are getting more and more common. Try growing some heirloom tomatoes, or even some Cherokee purple tomatoes! Finally, decorations! Introduce some dark wood chips into your beds, or a bee box. Bee boxes have exploded in popularity, and can bring an abundance of pollination in your garden. In order to keep your garden’s beneficial companions happy, set up a beebox.