The Process Of Creating A Sterling Silver Earing – Free Encyclopedia Online

It’s very difficult to make sterling silver earrings. Sterling is comprised by 92.5% sterling silver and 7.5 percent of an alloy made of mostly copper. The silver-based mixture and various alloys is heated and cools into an mold. It then turns the mix into the sterling silver bar.

The following step is to feed the sterling silver bar into an abrasive press, which flattens it. After passing through the press a few times, it’s heated once more to restore some flexibleness that had been removed.

The sterling silver tube can be used to make earrings. If the earrings are being made smaller, the tubes are pulled through a device that is equipped with smaller diameters in the opening. The process continues until the tubes have the proper size that can be used to create the earrings.

The process has been completed, and sterling silver can now use in any ways you like. These tubes are able to be used to create earrings.