The Difference Between Commercial Log Splitters and Firewood Processors – Reference

s that commercial log splitters can handle logs that are as large as 24 inches length. They then cut them into firewood. On the other hand the firewood processors are able to process enormous quantities of firewood over an hour. In accordance with your budget and the amount of firewood you require, you can decide to use either.
They are commonly used in commercial settings due to their ability to process logs of up to sixteen” in diameter. They are also able to quickly produce manageable records that are ready to use. The firewood processing machine is a great choice if you are looking to start an organization that is able to split firewood fast or require large amounts of wood in a fast time frame. There is no need to worry over where you can purchase this piece of equipment.
Log splitters may be utilized for farmers, homeowners or even homeowners that have to burn large amount of wood in winter. They work to cut through logs of a size of two feet in diameter. It is possible to choose between a horizontal or vertical position splitter or gas, electric, hydraulic or kinetic splitters and half-beam, full-beam, or half-beam log splitters. up5i1jow1f.