Preparing and Decorating Backyard for Wedding Celebrations – Andre Blog

sion. Your lawn consultant will be able to tell how you can groom your grass if it has patches, or if any other plants are needed to make it look livelier. You can also ask them for suggestions on leveling of your yard for a secure space for the chairs and tents.
Decorate Your Walkway

If you do not have one, you can make one in your yard and customize it for weddings. When decorating your backyard for weddings, flowers are an excellent choice for ornaments. You can also use lighting and candles to decorate the wedding party’s pathway.

Take into consideration removing trees

In the process of decorating your backyard to host an event, it’s best to take into consideration tree trimming for branches that are hanging overhanging or trees that need to be removed. They allow better visibility in the backyard as well as a place for tents and lights to be put up on the day of the wedding. If you’re about to trim the tree, be sure to do it in a safe manner to ensure that there are no accidents for you or your neighbors.

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Backyard

In your backyard You can allow nature to do the work. Tree trunks are a great option to create centerpieces or places to sit to compliment the existing chairs. There is also the option of collecting haystacks to use as seats. Leave fallen leaves on the ground to create an attractive feature to your yard. Other natural pieces comprise flowers, rocks, and plants.

DIY Entry Arches

An archway for entrances is an adorable and gorgeous feature which can be added to your garden, particularly for weddings. The design can be made using any combination of plants and floral arrangements, which is an amazing idea.

This is a beautiful piece of jewelry after your wedding day and make it an accent in your garden.