Online Marketing’s Advantages

Seo marketing

For the last fifteen years, Google has dominated the search engine industry. The first Google “doodle”, featuring the Burning Man, was drawn in 1998 as an “out of office” message for the founders Brin and Page. Now their brand has become a verb used to describe internet searches, which are performed daily by more than ninety percent of internet users. Of these searches, only one quarter of search engine users take the time to look at the second, third, fourth pages, et cetera, of search results. Consumers using these searches to research a product or service comprise more than half of the population, making search engine rankings a necessity for successful online marketing.

Successful online marketing includes a number of processes. One of the most prolific processes used to increase your visibility on the search engines which decree life or death to websites is search engine optimization, a process by which the written content of your website is manipulated to fit within the confines of search engines’ standards. Blogging can also help to increase a businesses’ indexed pages by more than 400 percent , which results in more successful leads. The number of services online marketing companies offer significantly outweighs the number of services offered for other types of marketing (i.e. TV commercials, printed advertisements, etc)

Search engine optimization companies provide editing for the written content of your website and blog, design services for the aesthetic and visual content of your website, management of social media and advertisement campaigns, and more. Basic SEO services take the content of your website, retains its general message, and shape the content to conform to data provided by search engines on searched keywords and algorithms used to identify relevant websites. Some SEO companies also provide branding and web design services to its clients, creating a specific look for your website that separates it from other businesses. These online marketing services will work in tandem to increase web traffic on your website.