How You Can Protect Plastics From UV Rays – SCHUMM

Asterbatch granules mix together with polymers they use for production and to add some color to the finished product.

A mono-batch comprises colors pigments. A combi-batch is composed of pigments that are color-related as well as other additives. UV stabilizers are one of the additives. It protects the base polymer from UV radiation. When plastic is exposed to sunlight, it can alter the color, lifespan and form of the item. You could either add UV stabilizer to the base polymer or it can be included as part of the masterbatch.

Selecting pigments that are highly resistant to weather and light is a good way of protecting the color. The base polymer is protected by UV stabilizers, but not the masterbatch’s pigments. Stabilizers that are strong and of high-quality pigments safeguard the plastic. Energy consumption (KLY) is defined by length and exposure to sunlight. KLY is the period of time that the product is protected from UV radiation. Get top-quality items with UV shielding made of plastic, so they’ll last longer outdoors.