How to Repair Outboard Power Trims – Salt Society

It is only possible to appreciate some components of your boat after they break and fail to you. So, when the power trims on your outboard fail along with the other elements of running the boat have been damaged, the first thing you do is likely to be troubleshooting the issue.

You wouldn’t need to rev up the engine, or lower to improve fuel efficiency except if you’re planning to wreck the trailer. You can, however, improve the performance of your boat using the tilt and trim system. It allows you to alter angles of your engine. This makes it possible to modify the operating surface of the boat.

The ability to repair the engine in any emergency, if like going to the middle or the lake by vessel. However, even if you don’t need to repair your engine, you can tilt and trim it in order to improve your boat’s performance based upon the conditions. You can adjust it to reduce draft in water that is shallow or to make rough trips in turbulent water.

Bucks Garage has created this educational video which will teach you how to repair outboard trims with power at home. Knowing how to tilt and trim your engine will make it easier to troubleshoot stern drives. However, if you’re not confident trying to fix the engine yourself but you’re not comfortable, then there’s absolutely no harm in bringing the issue to a specialist.