How Does Commercial Plumbing Work? – Interstate Moving Company

basics of a residential plumbing system. But the commercial plumbing system is quite different. Continue reading to find out the details of commercial plumbing.

For public spaces such as the public theater or restaurant commercial plumbing is employed. These systems differ from those used in residential settings by a number of ways however the most significant difference is the number of fixtures.

At home You have one toilet in each bathroom and one sink per bathroom, plus the kitchen sink. Public restrooms have multiple toilets, the sinks and urinals, which make plumbing complex. For example, if a public restroom has five sinks, that means there are five distinct water lines. This is also true of toilets and urinals.

Copper pipes are a differentiator that is present in the commercial plumbing. Copper pipe is more durable than the pipe used in the plumbing of homes, which helps it stronger for the public areas.

You can watch this video to find out more about plumbing for commercial use.