Affordable Flooring Options You Didnt Know Existed – Money Saving Amanda

There are a variety of flooring you will find in flooring stores. The two floorings to be discussed are the rubber and cork floors that are totally different to them in that both have an entirely different usage.

The floor made of rubber can be a strong and durable floor. That makes it great for gyms and children’s playrooms where floors are subjected to intense contact. It is resistant to scratching and wear well.

Cork: Contrary to carpet, cork flooring is highly susceptible to damage. The sun’s rays can cause it to discolor, and a pet’s claws could cause harm to the flooring. Cork floors are also susceptible to water damage.

Although it has some drawbacks, it is still an attractive and useful flooring. Cork flooring is constructed out of the cork trees, they are able to be recycled.

It is also possible to sand cork floors to get rid of imperfections and give them new look. However, the number of times it is sanded down is a detail that a local flooring store can clarify. da4fz3ohjr.